"SuperPoweredPop" & "Dan on Disney" 
join together to bring you unique & entertaining content,
with Special Guests & Special Broadcasts!

"Find the Superhero in YOU!"

      "CNY Pop Festival" is Proud to Bond
Sports & Entertainment Figures Together to Showcase Talent
from all different walks of Life
SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2018 from 10am-7pm  

Who We Are

"Super Powered Pop with Dan Tortora" became part of the larger 

Dan Tortora Broadcast Media, LLC, media network when Dan decided that the conversations he was having with friends, loved ones, & people he came in contact with were worth sharing.

We all have heroes, characters we love, people we enjoy seeing, hearing, & reading about. So why not create a show to celebrate what we enjoy & discuss the pop culture & entertainment that surrounds us?!

With shows, videos, articles, social media, & more, "Super Powered Pop" offers you an opportunity to always stay connected to Heroes of all ages, backgrounds, & avenues of entertainment.

All are welcome! No superpowers required. We just ask that you use your Infinity Gauntlet wisely & don't use your X-Ray vision in restrooms.