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Welcome to the Unconventional Convention!

      "CNY Pop Festival" is Proud to Bond
Sports & Entertainment Figures Together to Showcase Talent
from all different walks of Life
SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2018 from 10am-7pm  

Everything is About to Change in the MCU:


A Special Thanks to The 4th Wall: Comics & Collectables for joining us to help bring "Super Powered Pop" To You!

4th Wall SPP Commercial
Frank 4th Wall TESTIMONIAL

Episode 6 - The Worlds of "The Walking Dead" &
"Fear The Walking Dead" have collided... Dan Tortora & Eric Bunch
speak on the New World that has created:


Episode 5 - Comedy Ensues while also speaking on the Seriousness of what is coming in the Marvel Cinematic Universe:


EPISODE 4 of 2018 - Diving into the "Avengers: Infinity War" trailers & what we see happening with the Infinity Stones & the Story Arc:


EPISODE 3 of 2018 - Where the Road of "The Walking Dead" has taken us:


EPISODE 2 of 2018 - Black Panther, Finding the Infinity Stones, & Where is the Soul Stone?:


EPISODE 1 of 2018 - Dan Tortora & Eric Bunch introduce You to Your New Favorite Show: