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Welcome to the Unconventional Convention!

      "CNY Pop Festival" is Proud to Bond
Sports & Entertainment Figures Together to Showcase Talent
from all different walks of Life
SUNDAY, AUGUST 12, 2018 from 10am-7pm  

Dan Tortora with Gerardo Sandoval, Comic Book Artist:


Dan Tortora with Humberto Ramos,
Comic Book Creator/Artist/Penciller:


Dan Tortora with Matteo Lolli, Comic Book Artist:


Dan Tortora with Greg Pak, Comic Book Writer:


Dan Tortora & Tad Stones, Creator of Darkwing Duck &
Co-Creator of Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers, among others:


Dan Tortora is joined by Theshay West & Moses Moseley, Actors who worked together as Michonne's Pets in "The Walking Dead":


Dan Tortora with Larry Hama, the Comic Book Contributor that aided in keeping the Avengers & Wolverine afloat
while giving Personality to G.I. Joe:


Dan Tortora with Christopher McDonald, Notable Actor known for Iconic Role as Shooter McGavin in "Happy Gilmore":


Dan Tortora with Arthur Suydam, the "Zombie King"
who is known for Marvel Zombies &
helping open the Door to Zombies going Mainstream:


Dan Tortora with Phil Lamarr, Voice Actor & Comedian,
lending his voice to countless Comic Heroes/Villains &
his onscreen presence in Movies, TV Shows, & on Mad TV:


Dan Tortora with Larry Thomas, Actor who is known for
Iconic Role of Soup Nazi in the TV Sitcom "Seinfeld":


Dan Tortora with Brian O'Halloran, Actor whose time on screen includes "Clerks", "Mallrats", "Dogma", &
"Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back", among others:


Dan Tortora with Neal Adams, who crossed the aisle to work with
DC & Marvel as a storyteller & artist:


Dan Tortora welcomes Mark Dodson BACK for an ALL NEW Conversation with the Vocal Extraordinaire:


Dan Tortora is joined by Ming Chen & Mike Zapcic,
Stars of "Comic Book Men" & Fellow Podcasters & Comic Lovers:


Dan Tortora with Mark Dodson, Entertaining Voice Actor who has brought life to the "Gremlins" & numerous "Star Wars" characters, including Salacious Crumb:


Dan Tortora is joined by Power Rangers Steve Cardenas (Red Ranger/Zeo Blue Ranger), Jeff Parazzo (White DinoThunder Ranger), & Kevin Duhaney (Blue DinoThunder Ranger):


Dan Tortora with Shad Nowicki, New York-based Artist with a
unique twist to creating, making no two pieces the same: